It’s official…

Millions Upon Millions are “Opting OUT" of Traditional Smokes.(1)

This to-bacco replacement stands to inhale a large chunk of the $932.11 billion global to-bacco market. (4)


About 1.1 billion people worldwide are addicted to nicotine in some way. (5) TAAT replaces nicotine with CB-D to mimic the “chill factor” without the addiction.


No need to break familiar routines. TAAT cig-arettes look the same. Work the same. Smoke the same. They even taste the same (if not better).


Smokers FINALLY have the choice to leave nicotine behind while keeping the pleasing experience they love down to the smallest detail.

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5 Smoking-Hot Reasons to Consider TAAT Global

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Wholesale Reorders Account for 48% of TAAT™ Sales Volume in the U.S. for Fiscal Q1 2022. READ MORE

Big To-bacco is running scared. Vape and heated to-bacco are yesterday’s news. (2)(3)

Nearly 1 billion people around the world light up cig-arettes every day. (6)

While the percentage of people who smoke has declined, the overall number of smokers has actually increased! (7)

The fact of the matter is this…some people just love to smoke.

But what they don’t love is the addiction to nicotine. (8)

TAAT Global is not asking anyone to quit or change anything. They’ve created a brilliant alternative that provides everything people love about their cig-arettes BUT without the nicotine.
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TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT) (OTC:TOBAF): an Extremely Rare Opportunity in One of The Largest, Most Established Markets on the Planet!

No one has ever tried to disrupt the massive to-bacco industry like this!

TAAT is not forcing smokers to use weird unfamiliar, and often expensive, gadgets. Instead they are delivering the same exact experience, at a LOWER price than heavily taxed cig-arettes.

Beating the Industry at Every Punch While Saving Consumers Thousands per Year!

inline banner 2Depending on the US state, annual to-bacco costs can vary greatly from as low as $5.25 per pack up to a whopping $10.67 per pack in New York state. (10)

The average cig-arette pack costs $6.28 per pack or $2,292 per year. Over 20 years, this turns into about $200,000. Of course, this does not account for extra health costs from to-bacco-related illnesses, which turns this habit into a lifetime cost of over $1.4 million due to health-related costs, pack costs and lost opportunity costs. (10)

TAATs are up to 50% cheaper per pack! (10)

TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT) (OTC:TOBAF): Growth Was Almost Magical in 2021

The company is growing and doing it the right way. From Q1 to Q3 revenues skyrocketed 687.38% and gross profit grew 682.05%…and this party may JUST BE GETTING STARTED!
source 9
TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT) (OTC:TOBAF): Gross Profit Margin Rivals the Monsters of the To-bacco Industry

When you look at companies trying to disrupt traditional industries like Beyond Meat you can see in this chart that their GPM is at 32%.

While the behemoths of the to-bacco industry like Phillip Morris have a 69% GPM. TAAT Global stands toe-to-toe with an impressive GPM of 53%.

What this should tell you is the company is well run and the industry itself is extremely profitable.
source 9
Did We Mention TAAT Cig-arettes are non-Addictive?

TAATs are made with ZERO to-bacco and ZERO nicotine. Since there is zero nicotine, users do not get the same continual cravings from a to-bacco cig-arette. TAATs are a great way to help reduce dependency on nicotine.

It’s not just the nicotine cravings smokers have to satisfy to cut down on nicotine, it’s the physical rituals they have made habitual. Even the simple act of flicking ashes of their cig-arettes all contributes to the ritual and gestures of smoking.

You see, TAAT is not your usual to-bacco replacement. This is a complete and very real disruption that could grow faster than any other company in the entire world…

With TAAT Global We Have Never Seen Anything Like the Cash Windfall That Could Be Coming

This revolutionary company has a real chance to “upend this multi-billion-dollar industry…”

With the move away from the fifth most addictive substance on the planet (11) there hasn’t been a global shift like this on the horizon since the railroad, or the internet.

Even if TAAT carved out a measly 5% of the $932 billion market, that would be worth about $46 billion.

TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT) (OTC:TOBAF) Could be Set to Become the Next Giant in the Massive Global To-bacco Industry

It’s no secret we’re living through the rise of the “Disruptors.”

Think about it — what product or service is not going through massive transformation?

Movies, shopping, even cars — are all going through unbelievable change.

And the companies behind this shift are dominating their industries and making their investors rich.

First there’s Netflix… this was the first company to allow online movie streaming, disrupting the old video store model.

$1,000 invested at Netflix’s IPO of $15 could have turned into $40,486! (12)
source 9

What about Amazon? They turned the old Sears catalog and brick and mortar shopping model and crushed it. 

$1,000 invested at Amazon’s IPO of $18 could have turned into roughly $400,000! (13)

Finally there’s Tesla. Elon Musk could be known as the person who killed the combustion engine with the electric battery powered vehicle. 

$1,000 invested at Tesla’s IPO of $17 could have turned into about $145,000! (14)

To-bacco Industry Heavyweights lead TAAT Global

TAAT appears to be led by a dynamite team with a quality “Big To-bacco” pedigree.

Setti Coscarella | Chief Executive Officer

Setti brings a wealth of knowledge across a variety of disciplines to TAAT. Building upon experience in banking, private equity, and entrepreneurship, Setti moved to the world of to-bacco at Philip Morris International in 2017 where he was a lead strategist for its Reduced-Risk Products division. While at PMI, Setti worked with thousands of individual smokers to better understand how to position smoking alternatives to them and developed programs that could help smokers discover and successfully convert to RRPs. Setti holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business with specializations in Finance, Marketing, and Corporate Strategy as well as a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto in Mathematics and Physics.

Tim Corkum | Chief Revenue Officer

Tim has built a storied career in to-bacco and looks to bring this expertise to TAAT™. As a former executive at Philip Morris International (“PMI”), he led international commercialization initiatives for combustible cig-arettes and new products in the Reduced-Risk Product (“RRP”) category. Over a 21-year tenure at PMI, Tim held senior positions in Business Development, Sales Strategy, Corporate Affairs, and Key Account Management. Tim holds a BA from Carleton University with a concentration in Law.

Joe Deighan | Founder – Research and Development

Joe founded vape liquid maker JJuice in 2012, which gained distribution in all U.S. states and in 26 other countries, in addition to private label production for other brands. JJuice was acquired from Joe in a cash deal valued at more than USD $800,000 in 2017. Joe currently oversees R&D and production for TAAT™, knowing Beyond To-bacco™ better than anyone.

Michael Saxon | Advisor

Michael served in various positions for over 20 years with Altria and Philip Morris International including heading Altria’s Corporate Venture Fund and leading PMI’s business activities as General Manager for Norway and Denmark. Most recently, Michael founded and is presently CEO of SXN Strategy Partners in Richmond, VA, which advises boards and executive teams of “blue chip” institutional investors as well as venture capital and private equity firms on long-term strategies. Michael also helped establish Trolley Ventures, a seed stage venture fund working with startups based in the state of Virginia.

Kit | Dietz Advisor

Kit was named “Dean of the Industry” in 2017 by the Convenience Distribution Association for his national-level contributions to the distribution trade. Kit has more than three decades of experience in convenience wholesale, including top management roles with well-known convenience distributors in the northern United States. In the to-bacco industry, Kit also served on the board of directors of Newport cig-arette maker Lorillard leading up to its estimated USD $27.4 billion acquisition in June 2015.

Dr. Cindy Orser | Advisor

Previously a tenured professor at the University of Idaho, Cindy holds more than 20 patents and has 65 peer-reviewed publications with over 2,000 citations. In her career in industry, Cindy has held executive scientist roles at biotechnology and analytical diagnostic companies that have been contractors for federal agencies in the United States including the United States Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Security, and three institutes of the National Institutes of Health.

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5 Smoking-Hot Reasons to Consider TAAT Global


Taat is a tobacco-free and nicotine-free alternative to traditional cigarettes offered in “Original”, “Smooth”, and “Menthol” varieties. Taat’s base material is Beyond Tobacco(TM), a proprietary blend which undergoes a patent-pending refinement technique causing its scent and taste to resemble tobacco. Under executive leadership with “Big Tobacco” pedigree, Taat is launching in the United States in Q4 2020 as the Company seeks to position itself in the $814 billion global tobacco industry.


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